Other world leaders in other countries call Paris attacks “radical Islam” but the Obama administration refuses to call it that…

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron calls Paris attacks “radical Islam”:


and so does the Prime Minister of France:


Those guys are really smart and they brave to say so.

However… Obama, Holder or anyone in this administration in the US is refusing to call it “Muslim”, “Islam” or “radical Islam”. I haven’t seen one person in this administration call the attack “Islam” or “Muslim” once. They know it’s 100% Islamic. If you believe them that they haven’t confirmed which group is responsible then you’re a naive and delusional idiot.

I really am sick of this administration and you should be too. The more they refuse to talk, the more they show that they may have been responsible for this attack as well. This Charlie Hebdo thing really reminds me of Benghazi all over again.

I’m real tired of delusional idiots thinking that this administration isn’t capable of doing evil and horrible things. Fuck you if you really believe that. Wow. FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll have another rant about this soon.


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