Over 40 world leaders march in Paris but of course, Obama is a no show…

Hundreds of thousands of people have joined over 40 leaders around the world to march to honor the Charlie Hebdo attack victims and to help show support for “je suis Charlie” in Paris in response to the Charlie Hebdo attack. Some of the most well-known world leaders have joined the March which includes Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu being a part of the march as well.


As you can see, most world leaders are there in Paris right now as I type this. All are there except for one, Obama of course! Who else it would be??? I’m sure ignorant and delusional idiots would defend Obama on the reason why he couldn’t or shouldn’t be there but when serious things like this happen, a US president SHOULD be there to show support.

Which is no surprise ’cause Obama is usually absent in everything. Most transparent president ever? HA! Once again, fuck you.

Obama isn’t there ’cause he doesn’t give a shit. He’s not there ’cause he’s a Muslim sympathizer and terrorist supporter. Everyone knows it. If he was there, it would land him into a lot of trouble and would put him in a bad light. Obama is a disrespectful coward and a piece of garbage.

Remember, Obama said things like “I stand with Muslims” and “The future does not belong to those who slanders the prophet”.

Wake up, America. Obama is an evil motherfucker and something needs to be done about him soon and fast.


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