New Benghazi information came in from State Dept…

The reason there haven’t been that many public hearings of Trey Gowdy’s Select Committee on Benghazi is because he’s been doing things behind closed doors mostly which is a good thing actually. It’s a pretty good idea to keep this investigation mostly private.

Trey Gowdy had a closed doors meeting with the State Dept. this week and new information came from them. The State Dept. was actually pretty cooperative with the Committee and they answered every question asked. However, Gowdy and the team are keeping everything strictly confidential for now.

I’m sure Trey is already finding out a lot of stuff about what really happened in Benghazi is just that like I said above, he’s keeping it all strictly confidential for now. When he’s done with the investigation and when he finds the truth, I’m sure he’ll tell us everything then. Now is not the right time for them to tell us everything.

When they get all the answers and find the truth, I’m sure they’ll put on a press conference or a public hearing of some sort… then they’ll reveal it all.

Will Benghazi land Hillary and Barack in a lot of trouble? We’ll just have to wait and see, ya know?

The thing is a lot of people enjoy accusing me of obsessing with wanting Hillary and Barack to get busted over Benghazi. Not really true. If Hillary and Barack can prove that they had no “wrongdoing” and was found innocent, then so be it.

I just wanna know what happened to those 4 victims: Christopher, Sean, Glen and Tyrone.

I definitely would like to see Hillary and Barack get busted over Benghazi, though and they really should. It’s pretty likely they will get charged for it. Whether or not they sent them terrorists over to destroy the compound, they still didn’t lift a finger to help save those 4 guys. They should still get in trouble either way.

The question I’m wondering is if Hillary and Barack keep maintaining their innocence over Benghazi, why don’t they have balls and prove it in front of Trey Gowdy? Instead of them proving their innocence themselves, they have to have the media protect them, having other committees like the House Intel Committee declaring them innocent and refuse to cooperate. The more they do that, the more they show their “guilt”.

I just want answers on the attacks. The “real” truth.

Libtards call this a “phony” scandal and say we should move on from Benghazi but we should never move on from it. Hopefully, we will finally get some answers on Benghazi in 2015 and we’ll show them how real the Benghazi attack was.

Benghazi was a serious tragedy. Being attacked by Muslim fanatics for 13 hours straight. Wow. That had to be a fucking scary night. You should read the book, “13 Hours” if you wanna know how scary that night was. Hearing explosions, seeing flames all over the place and non-stop gunfire. All that doesn’t make a difference, hey?

I’m sure we’ll get to the truth real soon.


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