Sly Stallone meets fans at top of steps of Philadelphia Art Museum…

Sylvester Stallone is back in Philadelphia to film the Rocky spin-off film, “Creed”. While there, I’m sure Sly couldn’t help himself but look back and re-visit all the old filming locations for all the past “Rocky” films. A group of tourists went to the Philly Art Museum where Rocky did his famous training scenes by running up the steps. The group of tourists ran up the steps just like in the Rocky films and at the top of the steps, Sly the man himself happened to be there. The group of tourists and Sly decided to hang out for a little bit and take photos as you see above.

Oh man, those guys are lucky! I wish I could get my chance to meet Sly in person! As you can see, Sly is great with his fans and his supporters.

It had to be pretty emotional for Sly to re-visit his old Rocky film locations. I wonder if he went to visit Micky’s old gym. I’m sure he did. I also wondered if Sly re-visited Rocky’s apartment (remember, it was a shit hole). Not sure if Rocky’s old apartment is still there or not. We might even see these locations again in the “Creed” film including the Art Museum.


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