Surprise, Surprise! Obama’s “State of the Union” guest, Rebekah Erler was a democratic campaign staffer…

Remember that couple that Barack was all over at during the “State of the Union” last Tuesday???? Barack kept going off about how Rebekah and Ben were struggling economically and then he claimed they made it through. It turns out that she was used as an actress of some sort. Turns out that she was Obama’s democratic campaign staffer and they knew each other for quite a long while. In the photo above are them hanging out at a diner back in June.

Obama used Rebekah and Ben as a way to try to prove that the economy has gotten better but since Rebekah has been caught as a Democratic Campaign Staffer for Obama is just more evidence that Obummer’s claim of “fastest growing economy” is just a huge lie. Obummer just used Rebekah as a cover for his lies… what a shame. I bet Rebekah is STILL a struggling Mom. Liberals probably fell for Obummer’s lies like they always do.


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