Mainstream media trying to stop Hillary to make room for Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, etc….

So Bernie Sanders is gonna be the next Democrat to announce a Presidential run which doesn’t surprise me. Bernie Sanders has been sparking a lot of buzz and popularity in the liberal world. He’s another liberal favorite. I see libs in facebook re-sharing Bernie Sanders memes everyday so obviously they love him. I don’t know why. Bernie is just another corrupt and delusional democrat like the rest of ’em but anyone is better than Hillary I guess.

I guess America don’t have to worry about Hillary getting elected ’cause it looks like it’s not gonna happen anyway. The mainstream media decided to throw Hillary under the bus and they’re doing all they can to make her look bad over Benghazi and the e-mails. So the mainstream media IS reporting about Benghazi now, all of a sudden. After a little over two years of the media being silent over Benghazi, they are doing their jobs now? Why? It’s because the mainstream media is desperate on destroying Hillary before the election. The media establishment is now desperate in trying to stop Hillary to make room for other liberal favorite candidates such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, etc.

I’ve seen a lot of responses in facebook today saying that liberals changed their mind on Hillary and their vote is gonna go to Bernie Sanders instead now that he’s gonna run. So Hillary is gonna lose a lot of support now that Bernie is gonna run.

So don’t worry, America, it doesn’t look like Hillary is gonna make it far in the election anyways. It appears that Bernie is way more popular than Hillary.

Like I said before, I’m okay with any Democrat running for presidency even though I’m not a big fan of them… ANYBODY IS BETTER THAN HILLARY!!! That is why the media is reporting on Benghazi all of a sudden just to get rid of Hillary. Make room for other people for the election. They wanna shove Bernie Sanders in our faces now, not Elizabeth Warren.

It’s funny how liberals got all excited about the Bernie announcement. They’ve been all over it on facebook all day.

Rand Paul vs. Bernie Sanders in the General election is gonna be interesting, though.

IF there will be an election though if “Martial Law” doesn’t happen.


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