Obama’s sympathy for Islam finally explained… he was abandoned by two Muslim father figures???

Wow… this could explain why Barack Obama have a lot of sympathy for Muslims and could explain why he’s been trying to get acceptance by them. Ever since 2008, Obama have been showing more support for Islam than us Americans and there has to be a good reason for that. Why is Obama so supportive of Muslims and trying to get us to accept them? Why does he run guns, weapons and aid Muslim terrorists money? Why did Obama start ISIS? Why is he working with Muslim Brotherhood in the White House?

The reason is that he’s been abandoned by two Muslim father figures, claims the former Israel to US Ambassador, Michael Oren. Obama was abandoned by Barack Obama Sr. and his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro. It could have been his two father figures that influenced his policies to go toward Islam during his presidency.


Aaaaaaahhhh… so this could be why he is trying to get acceptance in the Muslim world now ’cause he never got acceptance in the past during his childhood.

It still doesn’t prove that Obama Jr. is a Muslim yet but I still think he probably is. No wonder he shows more support to Islam more than the non-Muslims. Obama shows more support to Islam and black people than the rest of us Americans. How can you guys not see that? It can’t be that hard to see.

It’s well-documented that Obama didn’t have a very good childhood at all which totally explains how he is today.


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