This is Iran’s version of gay pride, yet Obama continues to negotiate with them on Nuclear deal…

So liberals care about their homosexuals so much? Obama is still negotiating with Iran on the Nuclear deal and he knows that Iran does the most gay discrimination. Only the heterosexual lifestyle is allowed in Iran. The LGBT lifestyle in Iran is forbidden. However, transexuality is allowed in Iran but only if they get a sex change operation. Other than that, homosexuality is punishable by imprisonment, corporal punishment and execution.

Check out these photos of Iran punishing gays…

And here’s an article to check out:

Where’s the liberal outrage? How come the left isn’t mad at Obama for working with Iran who kills people for being gay?

This is one thing I can’t figure out… maybe it’s because the mainstream media refuses to be realistic about Iran. They try to make Iran look like good guys but you don’t see them reporting about Iran’s gay condemnation.

Iran does the most gay discrimination than any other country but liberals think they’re the good guys. This is pretty fuckin’ messed up.


4 thoughts on “This is Iran’s version of gay pride, yet Obama continues to negotiate with them on Nuclear deal…”

  1. Liberal outrage is a farce, how long ago and how many countless millions have been spent to lift black people out of poverty? Liberals support gay marriage because it strikes at the constitution. Thats all they care about.

    1. The problem is liberals will agree with everything Obama does even if it’s bad for America. The only time I’ve ever seen liberals being outraged at Obama was his secrecy over the TPP trade and that’s about it. I believe they were outraged over the TPP trade ’cause Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders spoke out about it.


      1. Right not often Obama has trouble getting liberals in line. I was shocked to see him denied originally on trade deal.

      2. Yeah, I’m even more shocked that the GOP sided with him on that and they helped saved Obamacare just recently. They also did nothing to stop the Supreme Court for making gay marriage legal. I’m fed up with both parties now. We’re really screwed.


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