The Donald surging in the polls… Why? It’s because he’s honest and people respect him for it!

I kind of figured that Donald Trump is gonna get himself into a lot of controversy for the elections now that he’s running but controversy isn’t always a bad thing. Donald Trump has been impressing me even more. I love how he responds to this stuff. He’s not afraid of anything for sure. More and more people are starting to like the Donald ’cause he’s simply the only honest candidate running in the elections. The rest of ’em are all liars and cowards but not Donald. We need a real president who doesn’t lie for once and Trump would be that guy.

Liberals and some conservatives can’t stand him ’cause they can’t take the truth. He’s a pretty tough guy and doesn’t take any shit from anyone, I admire that.

I think Trump will soon beat Jeb in the polls and Trump will make it through the primaries with no problem. Trump will win the nomination, I’m already feeling it. I still stand by it that there is nothing wrong with what Trump said about Mexicans ’cause it is the 100% truth. All it takes is a quick google search to find out if he’s right or not and he is. The sad thing is a lot of people out there live under the delusion that illegal immigrants from Mexico are good people who need help… Trump just wanted to give you a reality check that they are not good people. They are undocumented for a pretty good reason.

What the American people wanna see are honest people. They wanna see people who are not afraid to tell it like it is . Most people in government today are nothing but liars and cowards as I said before. They are afraid to be real about what’s going on with government today and that’s why most Americans are getting fed up with our government. All they do is lie to protect themselves and others. Not The Donald, though. He refuses to be “nice” about everything. That’s the kind of leader we need. Someone who is tough and doesn’t put up with anyone’s shit.

That’s why more and more people have been supporting Donald Trump. I think he could be the one to stop Hillary and stop Obama from getting a third term or “martial law”. I wish all those delusional libtards out there would quit living in fantasy land and look at reality for once. They need to stop getting their info from the mainstream news ’cause all they feed you is one-sided bullshit. Donald Trump refuses to be one-sided and I admire that.

I hope the Donald keeps pissing people off and offending everyone ’cause all it’s doing is continuing to earn him more votes. He would definitely be the Reagan-like president that we desperately need. Honestly, I kind of hope that Hillary does win the nomination ’cause I would love to see Trump destroy her in the debates. That’s gonna be entertaining as hell for sure!


2 thoughts on “The Donald surging in the polls… Why? It’s because he’s honest and people respect him for it!”

  1. He couldn’t have caught a better break than people ceasing to do business with him. Trump whether I like him or not spoke freely, truthfully and has the liberals panties tied in a big uncomfortable bunch. It is free speech and there is not an American in this country that deep down inside know what Trump said was TRUTH! He will be stronger now because he is being punished by liberals for exercising freedom of speech.

  2. Correction….there is not an American in this country that deep down inside” Doesn’t” know what what Trump said was true.

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