Trey Gowdy says Obama or Kerry could end Benghazi investigation today if they wanted…

In an interview on FOX News with the Greta show, Trey Gowdy says that Obama or Kerry could end his Benghazi Select Committee today if they wanted. Meaning that they can hand over the records and give him the truth just to make him go away which is an interesting thought.

Check it out:

The question you have to ask is, will the Obama admin. give themselves up and give Trey Gowdy the truth just to stop the investigation? No. I don’t think Obama will ever do something like that ’cause why? If Obama gave himself up and handed over the records, it could land Obama in serious trouble. Obama could have gave himself up two years ago if he wanted but he never did. The Benghazi investigation is still going. The investigation will continue as long as Obama’s not gonna cooperate. If Obama’s not cooperating then he’s definitely hiding something. Obama can go in the Benghazi Select Committee and interview with him anytime he wants to but he never did. Obama never testified for Benghazi yet and he didn’t hand in any records or anything like that. I have a feeling that the Benghazi investigation will go on for as long as it takes. Trey Gowdy is never gonna stop until he gets the truth whether Obama gives it to him or not.

Obama knows the truth of Benghazi… he saw the whole thing and he knows everything for sure. He’s just not cooperating. Obama won’t give himself up ’cause he knows it’s gonna get himself arrested if he did.

Trey is taking a long time to get answers ’cause most of the investigation is done privately and he’ll release the info when he’s ready. Keep in mind, there’s a lot of truth to get out of Benghazi so it’s gonna be a long and tough investigation.

I wish Obama would act like a grown up and make things easier for them by giving himself up and turning himself in but he won’t. That fucking coward won’t take responsibility for anything. Obama is a piece of garbage and needs to be locked up. Hopefully Trey will be the one to get him.


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