This tweet about liberals is so dead on, Amen!!!

Are liberals really liberals as they claim to be? I vote, NO!!! If I remember correctly, liberals never used to be this bad until Obama got elected. Libtards are obsessed with the word “bigots”, well they can be “bigots” too. Bigotry works both ways. They’re being “bigots” over this Donald Trump thing, the Confederate Flag and what else? They really are a bunch of haters and it really bothers the hell out of me how one-sided they really are.

They support & defend everything on the left and they hate everyone on the “right”. So pathetic ya know? Once again, before anyone accuses us of being “one-sided” too, we’re not ’cause most of us don’t support the GOP anymore. We’re smart enough to be realistic on our own party. There is no “Yes man” on our side at all. Why must the left be a bunch of “yes men” on their own party? It’s just sickening. It’s all insanity. Left-wingers are really despicable people and they deserve to be called, “libtard” ’cause they earned that word. They would call out those who opposes their views and has different opinions. It’s just pathetic really.

It’s no surprise to see that they gave George Takei a free pass for calling Clarence Brown “a clown in blackface” and that’s more offensive than the Confederate Flag. Ban George Takei off of facebook.


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