Want more proof of liberal bias in media? NBC accuses Donald Trump of racism but George Takei goes on racist rant against Clarence Thomas…

While I’m a huge fan of the original Star Trek series and I love that Sulu character, I’m not a big fan of George Takei as a person. Honestly, I blame him for making “gay rights” so big and mainstream. Takei definitely had a huge hand in helping making all the gay stuff a big deal.

While libtard media is calling Donald Trump a racist, they are celebrating a racist gay rights hero who is George Takei. Takei went on a racist tirade on Clarence Thomas who is a Supreme Court justice:


You won’t see libtard America calling Takei a racist. You won’t see NBC cutting ties with Takei. Takei is insane and delusional. I can’t stand that guy and don’t understand why he is hailed as an internet hero. Fuck that dude, George is a piece of shit.


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