Charlize Theron claims she invited gay Obama to a strip club… I wouldn’t be surprised he declined the offer…

Actress Charlize Theron went on Jimmy Kimmel and made the big claim that she invited Obama to a strip club but she didn’t clarify what kind of strip club it was. Was it an all-female strip club or was it a male strip club? It was probably an all-female strip club she was referring to but is she a closeted lesbian? If it was a female strip club where it had female strippers, I know Obama wouldn’t go ’cause he’s simply not attracted to women at all. If it was a male strip club with male strippers then I’m sure Obama would have gone with her.

Obama is more of a fan of gay bars ’cause he went to a lot of those when he was in Chicago. Yet, another hint that Obama might be gay… thanks Charlize!


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