Elderly veteran tries to remind Obama about Benghazi during his VFW speech…

This is pretty EPIC!!! I didn’t bother to listen to Obama’s VFW speech today ’cause I can’t stand to hear him talk. Of course, I’m sure Obama’s gonna defend himself and make all kinds of claims that he does support the US troops and leaves no military behind.

However, there was a brave elderly vet who tried to remind Obama about Benghazi. The vet held up a sign that said, “The Emperor Benghazi Has No Clothes”.

There were two other vets who violently took the sign away from the man.

Check it out:


Awesome. Benghazi should not be forgotten. No matter where Barack and Hillary goes, Benghazi is always gonna haunt them. Obama may have finally ordered the half staff flag at the White House but he never did the same to the 4 victims that were killed during Benghazi. Obama wouldn’t have ordered the half staff flag for Chattanooga if so many people didn’t beg him to.

Obama should always be reminded of Benghazi. That vet who held up that sign is a real patriot and a true hero!



2 thoughts on “Elderly veteran tries to remind Obama about Benghazi during his VFW speech…”

    1. I’m pretty sure those two men who were violent over that man were paid or volunteered by Obama and his admin. Barack doesn’t like getting hecklers/protesters at his speeches.


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