Why do people get hurt & offended when people say Obama might be a Muslim? Some people, man…

Liberals want to stand with Ahmed and applaud him for being Muslim. Liberals want to support Iran and the Saudi King and applaud them for their Muslim faiths.

Liberals seem to support Islam and actually thinks it’s a peaceful religion but if they are being supportive to Islam, why is it that they can’t accept the truth that Obama might be a Muslim himself? When conservatives point out that Obama might be a Muslim, liberals will be like, “Waaaaahhhhh, wwaaaaaahhhhh, you can’t say that about Obama. You’re so wrong. Stop doing that, waaaahhhhh…”. They seem to cry about it and yet, they claim to support Islam and call it a peaceful religion.

It’s interesting how some of the GOP candidates including Donald Trump refuses to talk about Obama’s Muslim faith.

People say Obama’s Muslim faith don’t matter and is a non-issue but yes, I think it matters, of course. A president’s religion should be looked into and taken seriously. A president being Muslim should be taken seriously ’cause it’s our safety that matters. You can’t trust Muslims at all.

After liberals showing their support for Islam and constantly defending the religion, they seem to get hurt at the possibility that Obama might be a Muslim.

The question I’m wondering is, are liberals really supportive of Islam as they claim they are? Gee, I wonder… I think they secretly hate Islam as much as we all do.


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