Video: Bernie Sanders lied about being a “Democratic Socialist” when he’s actually just a “Socialist”…

When did Bernie start declaring himself as “Democratic Socialist”? I think he changed it to “Democratic Socialism” ’cause he would do anything to get elected. Before the elections, he kept calling himself a “Socialist” without the word “Democrat” in it.

Doing a little digging on Bernie Sanders, I discovered an old interview he did back in 1989 where he completely admitted to being a “socialist”. Notice how in the old interview he said, “Socialist” but during the Democrat debate he called himself “Democrat Socialist”.

I think he’s trying to protect himself of being a “socialist” with the word “Democrat” in it.

A lot of Bernie supporters don’t even know what “socialism” is. Hello, people… it’s when the government owns everything. Maybe liberals do know what “socialism” is, they just want FREE everything. That old interview in 1989 below should go viral. Show them who the real Bernie Sanders is. I never heard of “Democrat Socialism” until Bernie came around.


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