Sly Stallone shows his support for Donald Trump in Variety magazine…

Well this makes me like Sly even more. He shows his support for Donald Trump in Variety magazine which will for sure upset his liberal fans. Is Sly a conservative/Republican? Is Sly a liberal? According to this article, it seems that Sly is neither so he’s probably an “independent” voter.

Best of all, I love how Sly says, “You can’t be one-sided forever” which is totally true. That’s what I realized, ya know? I used to see myself a die-hard “right-winger” but I don’t anymore. I’m realizing now that staying on one side in politics is pretty lame. I wish the rest of this country would think the same, ya know?

One way to defeat the government and to get our country back is that people needs to stop siding with your party on everything. I’ll have a rant on that soon. There’s no reason to be one-sided all the time that includes both sides, I’m not just talking liberals. “Conservatives” needs to stop being one-sided too!


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