Why Bernie Sanders fans are a bunch of loons and you should just ignore ’em…

I really can’t stand the Bernie Sanders crowd. I really can’t stand them at all. If you think the Barack Obama crowd was bad enough in 2008 and the Hillary Clinton crowd this year, I would say the Bernie Sanders crowd would have to be 10 X’s worse. Bernie Sanders fans really are a bunch of insane and crazy lunatics. I think Bernie was successful at turning normal people to not normal people. They really aren’t normal people at all. For one, the Sanders crowd are obviously obsessed with the man.

I mean, it’s like… everything this man does or says his fans get all excited as if they’re a little kid going crazy that just won a game at an amusement park. Are these people really this childish? Most Bernie fans are young people anyways. Mostly Bernie fans are around their 20’s – 30’s. So far, I haven’t seen any Bernie fans older than that. I can see why these people would obsessively love Bernie ’cause Bernie himself is kind “child-like” in a way. Even though Bernie is a 70 year old man, he still acts young. Now that you think about it, no wonder all of these young people love him so much ’cause he’s just like them, ya know?

Also, they think they’re smart people but they really are not. If you plan to debate against these people be ready for a big load of bullshit coming your way. They’ll think they’re better than you. The Bernie Sanders crowd are that egotistical for sure. I’m almost pretty sure, almost 100% certain that none of those people in the Bernie Sanders crowd even know what “socialism” and “communism” means. I mean, when you want to talk about “socialism” or “communism” when it comes to Bernie Sanders, his supporters ignore that stuff most of the time. They don’t know what “socialism” and “communism” actually is at all. It’s pretty well-documented that Bernie is actually a “communist” and he’s not actually a “socialist” at all. He’s neither a “socialist” or “democratic socialist” or whatever you want to call him. He’s a freakin’ commie like the rest of ’em. No surprise there.

On top of that, Bernie says a lot of whacky shit and his fans actually believes everything he says. I can’t stand Bernie Sanders and can’t stand that they are all over him on facebook everyday. If you love Bernie but hate Donald Trump, it just further proves how one-sided you are these days.

I still think the only reason they support Bernie is ’cause they don’t want to support Hillary. They find that Bernie is the best candidate on the Democrat side. Make no mistake about it, folks… Bernie doesn’t have a chance to win the nominee at all ’cause Hillary is gonna get it no matter what happens anyways but unless Hillary drops out of the race due to all her scandals then maybe Bernie will have a chance then.

Before Bernie announced his candidacy, he kept calling himself a “socialist” publicly but up until around election time… he started calling himself, “Democratic Socialist”. He just another loon who’ll say anything to get elected.

Bernie supporters go around making fun of Trump supporters online but when Trump supporters decide to pick on them, they become all defensive and play “innocent” victim. Funny how that works, right? I know this ’cause I’ve just experience that in facebook today. Wanna drive a liberal crazy? When they decide to bash you for supporting Trump, bash their precious Bernie Sanders and see how they would react. It’s funny and entertaining at the same time.


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