Hulk Hogan is so delusional, I don’t think WWE will ever welcome him back… keep him out please!

Hulk Hogan thinks he’s gonna go back to the WWE due to his so-called “Victory” of the Gawker lawsuit. LOL! Please! I don’t think the WWE will welcome him back. From the looks of things the WWE wants nothing to do with him anymore. Why do you think they took him out of the “Hall of Fame” too? I hope Vince doesn’t decide to reinstate Hulk into the WWE. Hope Vince does the right thing and keep him the hell out of the company.

Hulk is trying to brainwash you into thinking that he and Vince gets along well… another lie. Vince and Hogan had a lot of problems over the years. Why do you think Hulk works for WWE on and off? In reality, I don’t think Vince really likes Hulk Hogan at all.

Hulk has caused so many problems in the WWE over the years. Hulk has destroyed the careers of many wrestlers including Bret The Hitman Hart, Ultimate Warrior, The Honky Tonk Man, The Iron Sheik, Brutus the Barber Beefcake, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Jesse Ventura, Scott Steiner and the list goes on and on. Those are the wrestlers who Hulk feuded with in real life, not just in wrestling.

Hulk is living in a delusional fantasy world that his war with Gawker is over ’cause of his so-called victory. Like I said before, Gawker still has a chance in destroying Hulk Hogan. Nick Denton of Gawker says he has plenty of evidence proving Hulk Hogan the racist, all he has to do is unload all that and Hulk is done for good. I can’t wait until Gawker unloads on Hulk. Hulk thinks he’s bigger and more powerful than Gawker. Just wait until you see what Gawker has up their sleeve, y’all. I think Gawker has something planned for Hulk Hogan and it’s not gonna be pretty.


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