Why I post so much about Donald Trump… just my way of vehemently defending the man…

I know it drives people nuts with my non-stop Trump posting. There’s a pretty good reason why I post about Trump so much. It’s not only that I want to publicly voice out my support for him, I do it ’cause I would do whatever it takes to defend the man. If people say wrong things about Donald Trump then I’m gonna correct them. I have no problem defending Donald Trump and I feel very proud of it. On my twitter page, my facebook and my blog… I rip those Trump haters everyday. They don’t like it either. A lot of them would rip me for it and they would continue to bash Trump. I hate it when they bash Trump for no reason and people usually do have no reason to bash Trump. They just go by what the media says, that’s where they get their info from. If the media says untrue things about Trump then I will tell the truth.

For example, when the media wants to make it look like that Trump hates women, I’ll give proof that he doesn’t hate women by posting videos and links where it shows evidence that Mr. Trump loves women.

When they make all kinds of lies and bullshit about Trump, I’ll have no problem defending him. I will continue to defend him ’cause I want to let people know that they are wrong about a lot of things about Trump.

As far as this immigration topic goes, Trump is right that illegal aliens are bad people. There’s all kinds of evidence out there proving it but people continues to be politically correct about all that stuff and be ignorant about it. They continue to act like illegal aliens are sweet and wonderful people who need our help.

As long as I have breath, I will continue to fight for Mr. Trump. I will destroy those Trump haters who continues to treat him in a negative direction and will call them out on stuff. I’ve always believed that if you hate Trump for his policies and views of America then you’re seriously misinformed. Big time.

The sad thing is a lot of people live in this delusional world that everyone is so wonderful and lovable. People treat illegal aliens and Muslims like they are lovable and wonderful. Get over it, you bunch of idiots. There are bad people out there, what planet are you living on? There are bad people in all races and all religions. That includes illegal Mexicans and Muslims. So I think it’s pretty idiotic that you would get called a racist just because you fear for your own safety and fear for others well-being. It’s not about race. It’s not about religion. It’s about protecting everyone and keeping people safe but nope… everyone have to play the race card in everything.

Immigration and Muslims is a big deal. They should be taken seriously. It’s about protecting everyone, including you. That’s why Mr. Trump is getting all this popularity ’cause we all know that illegal aliens and Muslims are dangerous people but nope. There are still a bunch of stupid people who think there are nothing wrong with illegal aliens and Muslims… they think we need to be kind to them. We try to give people proof that illegal aliens and Muslims are violent, they still won’t listen to us. They call us racist and bigots. Calling it “hatred”.

People really need to wake up on illegal immigration and Muslims ’cause you’ll be sorry if you don’t. You could be dead if you don’t. We could all get killed by illegal aliens and Muslims. People still live in a delusional world that there is nothing wrong with them. They think illegal aliens and Muslims don’t do violent stuff. You FUCKING KIDDING ME? You fucking ignorant jackasses? Uneducated losers.

When you see people thinking there is nothing wrong with illegal aliens and Muslims, pretty much they’ve been brainwashed by the media. The media and the GOP are trying to destroy Trump over immigration and Muslims ’cause they don’t want the truth out there. End of story.


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