Protesters at Trump rally in Albany, will there be any? Yes you betcha!

Later this evening as I will make my way to the Times Union Center in Albany on Pearl St., I’m sure we will find Bernie lovers protesting the Trump rally to greet us for sure. I will take photos and videos of all action going on outside of the arena. If there’s gonna be any flag stomping, I’ll videotape it and throw it on instagram/facebook, make it go viral. If there’s gonna be any fights between the protesters and Trump supporters, I’ll video tape that too. If they do anything that disrespects America, I’ll video tape it all. I’ll capture as much on camera as possible.

Do I plan on talking to any of the protesters? Nah, probably not. I’ll probably just ignore them and keep walking but if they happen to get in my face, I’ll have no problem to tell them to fuck off and push them out of the way.

I’m sure there will be plenty of protesters paid by Bernie Sanders but it will be interesting to experience it all.

Be on the lookout for photos and video tonight. I’ll write more about it too.


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