I respect Donald Trump a lot more now… what he did in this election was incredible…

So 16 other candidates tried to go after Donald Trump. All of them attacked Mr. Trump like crazy, yes even Chris Christie and Ben Carson went after Trump a little bit. They all went after him but Trump attacked them 10x’s harder. When Trump retaliates, the other candidates lose a lot of support so they had no choice but to drop out. It’s amazing really. All you Trump haters out there will never admit that Trump had an amazing ride throughout this election. It really is incredible stuff. So therefor, I totally respect Mr. Trump even more now.

Trump is the only candidate left in the GOP side now which is amazing. So there’s 9 states left in the primaries so that’ll give Trump plenty of time to get the 1237. He still has enough time to get the 1237 and he will probably get there, unless some of these states try to rob him which I don’t think will happen. Trump will now become the GOP nominee no matter what happens.

I just love watching the Trump haters implode. They’re getting mad. It’s just funny and entertaining to me. We’re probably gonna try to unify everyone to help take down Hillary which is gonna be kind of tough but we’ll figure out a way. I’m seeing that a lot of Bernie fans will probably end up voting for Trump just to help stop Hillary.

I’m also seeing a lot of dumb & insane liberals who will support Hillary just to try to stop Trump. If you’re one of those people who will support Hillary just to try to stop Trump then you’re the dumbest person on this planet. You’re just a far-left nutjob who stays on one side.

There are those that think Hillary will defeat Trump in the General Election but it isn’t gonna happen. Beating Hillary will be easy for Trump, trust me. I can’t wait to see the haters implode even more when Trump gets sworn in on Jan.

Liberals believe that Muslims and Illegal aliens are good people which is insane to me. The reason that there are so many people that that still can’t see who illegal aliens really are is ’cause the media are so protective of them. The media protects illegal immigrants. If you want to learn how the media protects illegal aliens, read Ann Coulter’s book, “Adios, America”. In that book, she goes into details about all the political correctness that goes on through illegal immigrants. It’s a great book, you should read it. It’ll open your eyes some. I’ve been researching illegal immigration for a long time… long before Trump jumped in the race.

Liberals live in a delusional fantasy world for sure and I’ve always believed that liberalism is a disease.

I can’t wait to stop calling him Mr. Trump and soon to be starting to call him President Trump. It’s gonna happen. Learn to accept it.


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