People with far-left political views continue to suck and they’re getting worse too…

When will liberals ever learn that not everyone sees the world the same way they do? That’s why we’re all getting frustrated and annoyed with them, ya know? That’s fine if they want to support their human rights & equality bullshit that they’re obsessed with but we shouldn’t have to be forced to be on their side. I can’t stand people who stay on the far-left. Those people really piss me the hell off. There’s a lot of people I know with far-left political views and they follow the party line almost 100% of the time. THey will only agree with left-wing views but not everything outside of that. Like they all say, liberals are all for freedom of speech but when you disagree with them and have a different opinion than theirs, they’ll treat you differently.

I really believe that die-hard liberals support things like LGBT rights and things like that just to feel good about themselves.

Sure, each time I say that people stay on-one side, they’ll call me a hypocrite and accuse me of staying on the far-right. The truth is, I’m not on the far-right at all. To me, it doesn’t matter which political views I have anymore. I’m done siding with a certain party ’cause I’m not on either side. I’m sick of people accusing me of staying on the right ’cause if you’ve been paying attention, I’ve been talking trash at both political parties for a long while now. Yes, I’ve been talking trash at conservatives too. It doesn’t matter to me. People are so dumb, it’s crazy.

The problem this country is having is that a lot of liberals in America will only believe what the left-wing media would say and they would trust left-wing politicians such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, etc. Not everybody sees the world the same way they do and I’m tired of them acting like that. Independent voters who just have “moderate” left-wing views can be just as bad.

Ya know, I just wish people would stop being so one-sided in their political views. That’s the problem. We can’t have intelligent political debates if the left will continue to stay on their side all the time. Remember, not everyone thinks the same way you do.

That’s a huge part of why we’re all supporting Donald Trump ’cause we’re fed up with this “right” vs. “left” crap. We want honesty in this country, that’s what we all want. Not many people care for liberalism anymore and this election is proof of that as you notice “liberalism” is losing more and more popularity since Donald Trump started running for president. More and more people in the United States has switched to “right-wing” views from “left-wing”. More Americans are realizing that “liberalism” is a joke thanks to Donald Trump. Trump is waking more people up.

To me it doesn’t matter which party or which side I’m on anymore ’cause as of this point… I’m pretty neutral. I’m not on either side ’cause “conservatism” is just as bad and for the longest time, I’ve thought about switching to “independent” voter. I might actually do it. Not sure.

That’s why I try my best to ignore die-hard liberals ’cause talking to them is like talking to a brick-wall. Liberalism is a disease. It really is. More people are getting fed up with liberalism which to me is amazing.



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