Why Bernie supporters should vote for Trump too…

I know there’s a lot of Bernie supporters that don’t like Trump but they should at least agree that he would be the better choice. Anybody is better than Hillary, right? Why should Bernie supporters vote for Trump? Well, for one it seems like that Trump doesn’t have any negative grudges against Bernie. Trump seems to agree with a lot of Bernie’s ideas and policies. Trump also seems to be pretty friendly with Bernie on twitter. Why? Well, I would think that people are accusing Donald Trump of stealing Bernie’s supporters. Maybe part of that is true… but to be honest, Trump has said repeatedly that he does get along with both Democrats and Republicans. That includes Bernie. Seems like Trump is not against Bernie.

Admittedly, Trump may still have some “liberal” views like for example, Trump has always been pretty soft toward LGBT rights. Trump hardly ever gets into that stuff. If Trump wants to agree with the transgender bathroom thing, that’s fine.

I think what Trump is trying to do here is that his vision and his goals for America are for everyone regardless of political views. He wants to make America great again for both sides of the spectrum. I believe that’s also the reason why a lot of people has left the Democrat party and went Republican.

Even if you don’t like Trump, that’s fine but I also believe that you should support Trump as well ’cause like in the video above Trump has similar ideas as Bernie has. So I ask liberals, what’s wrong with Trump when he has some liberal ideas? The problem is that a lot of liberals just follow the party line. They would only support Democrat politicians but hate Republican politicians. Liberals don’t have to be like that ’cause politics isn’t all that black and white anymore.

I think a lot of Bernie fans will vote for Trump. If you think Hillary is the lesser of the two evils, then you really are dumb and insane. I think a lot of Bernie fans will do the right thing and vote for Trump. It’s gonna be a landslide win for Trump in the General Election for this reason. I’m feeling that Bernie fans will do whatever it takes to stop Hillary even if it means vote for Trump which is a good thing.


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