Video: When Bernie keeps saying that Trump insults Mexicans, Women and Muslims…

One reason that Bernie Sanders earned that nickname “Crazy Bernie” is for this reason here. Bernie keeps claiming that Trump insults Mexicans, Women and Muslims. He keeps repeating that. The funny thing is that Donald Trump has won the support from all three groups. Yep, it’s true… Trump has won the support over a lot of Mexicans, Women and even some Muslims. All 3 has been proven and there’s plenty of evidence to show it.

Go to youtube and look around. You would see plenty of videos of Mexicans, Women and Muslims showing support for Donald Trump.

I think Bernie is a whacky old man living on another planet.

Even if Donald Trump did insult Muslims, he had every right to anyway ’cause after things like 9/11, Benghazi and many other terrorist attacks committed by Muslims, you can’t blame people for being scared of them.

I watched Bernie’s interview with Bill Maher and it’s just laughable. Those liberals would believe everything Bernie says, it’s crazy. Can’t stand it.

Also, it’s pretty funny that Bernie calls Donald Trump a pathological liar and it’s strange that he refuses to call Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama that. I don’t think Trump is a liar at all ’cause the way I look at it, Mr. Trump is the most honest man I’ve ever seen and that’s why we all support him to begin with. Trump doesn’t lie at all while Bernie Sanders is the biggest liar out there.

I’ll never respect Bernie Sanders ’cause he sends his supporters to protest at Trump rallies. Bernie will never be president that’s for sure.



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