Why Donald Trump celebrated McD’s instead of champagne and a party…

On the day that it was announced that Trump reached the number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination, Trump posted a photo on his Instagram page celebrating it by eating McDonald’s. I’m sure that got some people scratching their head some. You ask yourself… “Why not Trump celebrate it with expensive champagne and a party?”.

Right now, I’m reading Trump’s other book titled, “The Art of the Deal”… I’m finally getting around to reading it. In the book, Trump said he never was a big fan of huge parties. He’s not much of a party person. He never was. Trump also doesn’t like to drink alcohol as he never did that either. It’s pretty well-known that Trump is a huge fan of McDonald’s food. Trump just wanted to keep his 1237 victory celebration small and casual. Nothing too fancy.

That’s what I like about Trump. It shows that he really is a humble guy. It shows that he doesn’t take his fame seriously at all. Not letting his fame get in the way. His way of showing people that he’s a normal guy like the rest of us. Everyone wants to call Mr. Trump an egomaniac but I’m sure his critics and haters went crazy when he released that photo. They just can’t take the truth of how humble and down to earth he is.

Trump just eats whatever he wants on his plane while your precious Bernie Sanders has a menu that you should check out:

VIRAL! Trump’s Flight Meal vs. Bernie’s Reveals Who is the Real “Man of the People”

Bernie wants to talk poverty and then this menu of Bernie gets released which has expensive food on it? Wow. Mr. Trump definitely has more class eating on flights than Bernie.



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