Paul Ryan finally endorses Donald Trump…

It was hard to tell what group that Paul Ryan was going to join whether it will be NeverTrump or the TrumpTrain. Many were expecting Paul Ryan to join the NeverTrump hating bandwagon but it didn’t turn out like that at all obviously. The new Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan is now on board the TrumpTrain. He just endorsed Donald Trump today. When the new Speaker of the House endorses Donald Trump, that’s when you know the NeverTrump crowd is in deep trouble. The NeverTrump crowd is now panicking.

Even though I still don’t trust Paul Ryan and still don’t like him, I’m all for Speaker Ryan endorsing Trump ’cause it’s what the GOP needs in order to unify the party ’cause the GOP is so divided right now. We need to unify in order to defeat Hillary. I’m pretty sure Speaker Ryan pissed off Obama now that Ryan is all for Trump.

Thanks Speaker Ryan and welcome to the TrumpTrain!



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