Video: Obama stutters while trying to talk trash at Trump, this video is comedy gold! LOL!!!!

It looks like Obama lost his place while trying to talk by reading off a teleprompter. While trying to talk trash at Trump, Barack messes up the speech by stuttering. Obama is looking a bit nervous there. Ya know, I think Obama is panicking ’cause he knows what’s coming for him. He knows Trump is about to become the next president and Obama is obviously scared of Trump. You can see that right here in this video. Why is Obama panicking about Trump becoming the next president? It’s simply because Obama knows that his goal in destroying America is gonna fail and Obama could be off to prison when Trump is president. Deal with it, Barack, Trump is gonna be the next one and it’s pretty clear here that you don’t like it. Can’t wait for Barack to get out of office in Jan. Trump will be the one saying, “Barack, you’re fired”.



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