NeverTrump crowd thinks that by voting Gary Johnson is gonna stop Trump… NOPE!!!

Now that Bernie Sanders have no chance and he lost, Bernie fans are now vowing to vote libertarian by voting Gary Johnson in Nov. They think that by voting Gary Johnson is gonna stop Trump. Here’s my response to that… LMAO! Yep, that’s my response to it. Just me laughing. Why is it funny? Simply because it’s not gonna happen!

Gary Johnson is just another desperate lunatic. Him thinking that by attacking Trump is gonna get him elected. Gary is gonna lose miserably. Look at all the 16 GOP candidates that tried to get after Trump. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz both attacked Trump like crazy and they lost for that. Same thing will happen to Gary the more he attacks Trump.

Mathematically the Never Trump crowd doesn’t have a chance to stop Trump.

Check this out… Trump is breaking records in GOP votes, beating George W. Bush in records.

HISTORY! Trump Shatters Republican Primary Vote Record by 1.4 Million Votes

Trump is too powerful. Nobody is gonna be able to defeat Trump in Nov. Not even Hillary. Gary Johnson or Jill Stein won’t even be able to beat him. Deal with it, haters. Trump is gonna be the next one in Jan.

Why don’t you haters just give yourself up and join the Trump train? Now joining the Trump train is not really all that bad. Unify. Help us take down Hillary together. The more you hate Trump, the more ignorant and dumb you look. Do your research and you would find out that Trump really isn’t all that bad.



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