Amazing how much disrespect and hatred Trump supporters get by NeverTrump crowd… seriously, fuck ’em all…

You want to know why the #NeverTrup crowd has so much hate and disrespect toward Trump supporters? It’s because the media is teaching them to be that way. They’re clearly being brainwashed by the media. Thinking that people are bad just because they support Trump. The media is desperately trying to get people to think that supporting Trump is bad. That’s because the media is trying to get people to think that Trump is Hitler and all that stuff. The media wants Trump haters to tell Trump supporters to stop supporting him as a way for Trump to lose more votes… that’s what they’re doing. They believe Trump is bad for America but most of us aren’t falling for it. We’re never gonna listen to the NeverTrump crowd. Why? Because we know they’re wrong.

On top of all this, why would we want to take their opinions seriously when we did our best to get them to wake up about Obama but they never cared to listen to us? We tried to tell them how bad Obama is but all they did was defended him. If the NeverTrump crowd will never listen to us then why should we listen to them, ya know? I’m not too worried about the NeverTrump crowd anyways ’cause they have a very small audience. People hating on Trump is not what Americans want to hear. Sorry but that’s the way it is.

If you want proof that the NeverTrump crowd has a very small audience then here ya go, look at the math:

HISTORY! Trump Shatters Republican Primary Vote Record by 1.4 Million Votes

CONFIRMED=> Hillary Clinton Received 1.5 Million FEWER Votes in 2016 than in 2008 — Democrats Down 7 Million Votes

See that? Democrat voters are in deep trouble. Trump winning records in GOP voters that means most Republican voters support Trump. Only a small group of people hate Trump. Media wants to brainwash people into thinking that everyone in America hates Trump but it’s not true at all. Trump just won the primaries with record breaking votes beating George W. and everyone else which is impressive.

It’s amazing how much hatred the left and some conservatives show toward Trump supporters. I’ve gotten bullied by the NeverTrump crowd online myself.

When I wear my Trump hat and t-shirt out in public (which I have been wearing them a lot) did I get my ass kicked yet? Nope. When I go out and wear the Trump hat & shirt, people do give me nasty looks and some don’t even look at me when I talk to them but nothing that bad. When I was walking around the parking lot outside of the mall in Wilton, I had one guy complimented me wearing the Trump shirt and he says, “Nice shirt”. I responded back to him with a “Thank you” and a smile so he’s definitely a Trump supporter. Other than that, I haven’t had anybody yell at me for wearing the Trump shirt and hat.

I don’t regret supporting Trump at all. I seriously believe he’s our only hope for America. I don’t care if the NeverTrump crowd doesn’t like me supporting him. I’ve had people delete/block me in social networking ’cause I simply supported him. The left really did show their true colors. They accuse me of being a negative person when it comes to politics when liberals should look in the fucking mirror, hypocrites! They think Trump supporters are so dumb and unintelligent ’cause we don’t agree with their views. They keep seeing the media as if what they report is what’s really going on in the world. Last thing you want to do is trust the media like I keep trying to tell you guys.



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