Bernie fans should turn their back on Bernie for teaming up with Hillary but they won’t… they’re too obsessed with him…

Ya know, I’ve seen Bernie fans hating on Hillary through social networking. It appears that Bernie fans hate Hillary just as much as we all do which is good actually. However, after Bernie’s meeting with Barack Obama, Bernie made a statement at the White House announcing he’s teaming up with Hillary in order to unify the Democrat party to take down Trump. Bernie fans should be mad at Bernie for that but they aren’t. Even though Bernie is now on Hillary’s side, Bernie fans are still supporting him.

If I was a Bernie supporter (I’m not saying that I am but if I was…), I would have been mad at Bernie for teaming up with Hillary and I would have turned my back on Bernie. I would have stopped supporting him but apparently, Bernie fans have decided to stick with him. I’m noticing that Bernie fans still hate Hillary. It doesn’t make any sense to me, ya know? If they hate Hillary so much then why do they continue to support Bernie after him announcing that he’s teaming up with her? That is pretty fucked up.

Bernie just lost the primaries and I’m pretty sure he was gonna continue ’cause he thinks the “Convention” is gonna save his campaign. What was Barack’s meeting with Bernie really about? The media never got into details about it. So their meeting is obviously mysterious. I think it’s because Barack forced Bernie out of the race. That’s why he’s teaming up with Hillary so he can have something to do. Bernie is not gonna be at the Democrat Convention ’cause he’s done. When he had that meeting with Barack Obama, you should be very suspicious of that. You should have been worried ’cause Barack is a pretty controlling and manipulative guy. What he wants is what he gets.

Barack endorsed Hillary and I think that’s a fake ’cause in reality, Barack & Hillary both hate each other behind the scenes. Whatever gives Barack more attention, that egomaniac. Barack used to talk trash at Hillary a lot back in 2008 so that’s a sign that they always hated each other. They still do, I think.

Anyway, Bernie fans are really messed up and they continue to be. It’s great to see that liberals finally woke up about Hillary, I just wish they had the same feelings for Obama.



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