People believe everything the media tells them, that’s the problem we’re having in this country now…

I’ve been saying this on my blogs for years. This is what I try to teach you guys. Honest journalism is pretty much dead in today’s mainstream media news. Can’t you see how corrupt the media is? This is the most dishonest media I’ve ever seen under Barack Obama as president.

Many people believe everything the news tells them these days which is pretty fucking sad. Like I repeatedly said in the past, it’s why I stopped watching the news ’cause the news these days are nothing but liberal garbage. Ramming liberalism down our throats is all the news does.

Maybe if we had smarter people in America then maybe we wouldn’t have gotten Barack Obama as president. Obama is not the man the media says he is and people would rather listen to the media instead of real people like us. Just sad and ridiculous. People are fucked up for sure, I won’t lie about that.

Donald Trump is proof that the media is dishonest and that’s why I strongly support him.

Anybody that takes NBC, CNN, the NY Times and the Washington Post seriously is a moron. All they do is brainwash you left-wing garbage.



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