Video: Bashing Bernie fans after this announcement video came out yesterday…

On my facebook page yesterday, I posted this rant after Crazy Bernie released that video above…

My facebook rant is under the line….


Out of curiosity I just had to listen to this.

Your Bernie just lost the primaries. Now he’s using his campaign to take down Donald Trump. He’s a desperate old man who thinks the Democrat Convention is gonna save his campaign, LMAO!
I don’t understand you Bernie fans. Many of you hate Hillary Clinton but Bernie is too nice to her. You go ahead and support him anyways. You guys don’t make any sense to me at all. You should be upset at Bernie for teaming up with Crooked Hillary but you’ll support Bernie no matter what he does. Makes me sick.

Bernie will fail at trying to take down Donald Trump. Since Bernie is so desperate at taking down Donald, it just goes to show why Trump’s rallies were invaded by Bernie fans. Bernie better be careful here. Bernie won’t take down Trump… instead Trump will take down him. Watch for it. I’m sticking with that prediction.

I only agree with one thing that Bernie said here is that TPP trade needs to be stopped but other than that, this guy is a whack job and not presidential material. He can’t even talk with a teleprompter that well either. You wanna bash Trump? Well I’m gonna bash Bernie and that’s how it goes.

I was expecting that facebook post to explode in a huge debate but so far, I didn’t get any replies so it looks like I destroyed the Bernie crowd pretty good. I meant what I said above, every word. Bernie fans are really messed up individuals for sure. Many of them claim they hate Hillary but their Bernie is too friendly with Hillary. He always has been. They should be turning their backs on Bernie for teaming up with Hillary but sure enough, they’re still supporting the old man. They continue to hate Hillary but they’re still not outraged at Bernie for being friendly with her. Strange. I guess Bernie fans would accept anything it takes to take down Donald Trump.

Hillary and Bernie has been working together to take down Trump after all this time. That’s what the violent mob and rioters were all about. Bernie doesn’t want to take down Trump for America. Bernie just thinks that taking down Trump is gonna make him a hero and get elected. It’s pretty sad that Bernie is desperate to take down Donald and not Hillary. That’s because Bernie is nothing but a uber-left wing idiot. Bernie has always been a far-left nutjob.

Maybe a lot of Bernie supporters are already bowing out of supporting him, I don’t know but I’m sure some of them are still gonna worship him.

We tried to warn liberals not to trust Bernie but they didn’t listen to us. The guy’s a joke and always has been. That’s kind of why I recommended Bernie fans to join the Trump train and I think they will when the time comes.



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