After watching the 3 presidential debates, it made me think that Hillary is not a good debater at all…

Yeah, I watched the final presidential debate last night. It was great. As usual Trump killed it and as predicted, Trump attacked Hillary much harder than the first two. If you’ve noticed, Hillary didn’t smile too much. She looked angry throughout the whole thing. She did smile a few times but not as much as before. I’ve watched the three presidential debates. You NeverTrump idiots out there will never admit that Mr. Trump is a way better debater than Hillary. Trump does a better job talking about the issues and America’s problems than Hillary. All Hillary can do is her usual, “Trump said this and Trump did that”. Pathetic. It’s like, is that all she’s got? That’s her job. I think she was sent out to attack Trump and try to get him out of the election. She doesn’t talk about her version of improving America, all she got to do is attack Trump most of the time. Sure, Trump may have attacked Hillary a lot but he did more than attack Hillary. He talked about the more important stuff about how he’s going to make America great again.

My favorite part of the debate last night was when Mr. Trump was going on about the corrupt media and rigged election on how the media was set out to make Hillary look good. I look at Hillary and she didn’t crack a smile at all. She was looking pissed as hell as Trump was saying all that. She also didn’t crack a smile when Trump said she shouldn’t be allowed to run for president which is so true. I’ve been saying for a long time that Hillary shouldn’t even be allowed to run ’cause of the e-mails, Benghazi and many other scandals that she has. She needs to be in prison, not running for president!

I can’t stand listening to HIllary talk, Donald was way more fun to listen to. Admit it, NeverTrumpers!

Finally last night’s debate talked about the more important issues. The more important stuff that America wants to hear instead of all the tabloid and gossip garbage. The important issues like immigration, abortion, taxes, the economy, foreign policy, 2nd amendment, etc. It’s about time. I’m not a big fan of Chris Wallace but that was good of him to talk about the issues. Trump delivered Hillary a pretty good smackdown on all issues. Trump pretty much owned her on everything for sure.

The media wants to continue to make lies about Trump losing but wait until Nov. 8th comes. Trump is gonna be the next one, y’all and I can’t wait. We really need him pretty badly. If you can’t see how we need this man in the White House then you’re misinformed and on the wrong side of history for sure. Get informed and you would see why Trump matters. Get ready for Nov. 8th in a few weeks. Beating Hillary will be easy.



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