Trump isn’t losing, he IS winning BIG!!!!

So Trump is losing fair and square, hey? Well, we’ll see about that Goofy Elizabeth. They said the same thing during the primaries and they thought Trump would never get 1237 or over. Well he did. We’ll prove the haters wrong again on Nov. 8th. Just wait, y’all.

If you believe Goofy Elizabeth’s lie that Trump is losing then you’re the biggest idiot on the planet. The media and the Democrat politicians want us to believe he’s losing but we’re not buying it at all. Just a bunch of jealous losers. Wait until Nov. 8th. They’re saying that he’s losing ’cause they KNOW he’s winning and it’s driving them crazy. Well, I can’t wait to see their reaction when he does win Nov. 8th.

When Trump wins on Nov. 8th, the NeverTrump idiots are gonna go insane in social networking so break out the popcorn!



One thought on “Trump isn’t losing, he IS winning BIG!!!!”

  1. The pollsters put out polls in the past few days that showed Hillary Clinton beating Trump by 5+ points

    But here’s the catch…

    Once you scroll down the polls page to the bottom it tells you who was polled

    A place most don’t look at

    It showed that the pollsters polled 30% more DemocRats than Republicans

    Hillary Clinton is sinking fast and faster in her own quicksand

    Just think…

    How far behind Hillary is from Trump to have to give Hillary a 30% jump for a measly 5 point lead

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