One funny thing about NeverTrump idiots crying about election results…

I’m noticing a lot of NeverTrump idiots in facebook going “We should never stop loving the LGBT, Muslims, blacks, Latinos and Women. We must all come together”. blah blah blah blah blah and all that stuff, you get the deal.

The funny thing that liberals can’t understand about President Trump (we don’t have to call him Mr. Trump anymore) is that he loves all those people including Muslims. He said so before throughout his candidacy was that he loves Muslims too but he only calls out “Radical Islam”.  In Trump’s mind he thinks there are good Muslims and bad muslims. Remember Malik Obama, who is Barack’s half brother? He’s a black African guy who is a Muslim and he supports Trump.

The funny thing is liberals and other types of NeverTrumpers can’t understand that people of all types supported Trump throughout the candidacy. Hillary was the one who failed to win over support of all those groups I mentioned.

Why can’t NeverTrump idiots understand that people of all types supports Trump? It’s because the media. They won’t be honest about it. Gays, Blacks, Latinos and maybe some Muslims has attended Trump’s rallies ’cause the media won’t ever show that stuff. They won’t show that stuff through the news networks on TV and they won’t show Trump having a diversed crowd on the internet as well.

That’s what part of Trump’s goal is. He’s all for equality of all types. He wants to bring everyone together. That’s what the liberals want since they are the so-called human rights warriors.

One thing that the election proved is that the NeverTrumpers actually buy into the media’s crap. We won ’cause we don’t listen to the media’s crap.

I think one day liberals and NeverTrumpers will admit that Trump is doing a great job bringing all of us together within the next 4 years. Unify!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s his goal, y’all. Stop all the division and love each other again.

I’ve been called a racist and misogynist countless of times, lmao. It’s called political correctness and that’s why it’s gotta end. It’s destroying the country and it’s why we got Trump.

Today’s a great day. I’m still smiling and filled with joy.



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