Now Trump is the next president, some people are like “now what”…

Now that the Donald has finally been officially elected president, people are now wondering how he’s planning to do things in office. Keep in mind, this guy doesn’t mess around. He’s no bullshit for sure. When he says he gets things done, he means it. He means it when he says he gets things done and he proves it too.

Throughout his businesses and his empire throughout the years of his life is proof of that. All those buildings he owns and other businesses over the years proves he is about “actions” than words. When Trump wants to do something, he actually does that. He has had that attitude throughout his life and his career. Read his books like the “Art of the Deal”, “It’s Time To Get Tough” and others.

Trump is the man of his word, he’ll get things done as soon as he gets sworn in. This guy is a work-coholic… seriously that’s all this guy does is work, work, work. He knows how to win, knows how to negotiate and knows how to make deals. For the first time in a long time, we finally have a president who isn’t a career politician for once. That’s the kind of president we need. A new vision and something different, ya know?

Yes, I think he will build that wall at the border like he promised. NeverTrumpers doubted that he will build a wall but I think he will. Watch him. I think he will repeal and replace Obamacare easily & quickly. I think he will get rid of Common Core quickly too. He’ll do all the things like he said throughout his campaign, I’m pretty sure of it.

This guy is no joke. He’ll get things done. He won’t be like Obama where he would take a lot of vacations, attending fundraisers and going golfing. Trump won’t be that kind of president. I also think Trump will be the most transparent president there is. If people want documents from him, I’m sure he’ll release it without being redacted. He won’t be a president like Obama that’s for sure.

I’m sure he will make America the best ever again. Ya know, I would love to start working full time jobs and start making good money again ’cause I admittedly miss that. Hopefully that’ll be happening to me soon when jobs start picking back up again and I’m sure jobs will pick back up again ’cause there are still no jobs out there.

Will you admit that Trump was the right choice after all when you start working good jobs again, start seeing cleaner streets, better hospital care and all that stuff? Only time will tell. We’ll have to wait and see. I’m sure he will do great. Promise you that. 🙂



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