Those crybaby liberals will never admit they got defeated badly… oh wow…

Instead of admitting defeat, those libtards in social networking like FB, twitter and instagram are saying stuff like: “Stay strong, there’s no need stress over this election”, “No need to freak out, keep moving forward”, “Just keep smiling and move on”, ” We need healing after election results”, etc. blah blah blah blah blah blah, you get the deal right?

I’m seeing this by libtards and independent voters all over. That’s because liberals won’t admit defeat. I get that they’re trying to get people strong and get people to move on quickly from it but even they themselves will never admit that they’re upset with the results so they say that as a cover.

They also won’t admit that they probably voted for Hillary. When they say stuff like “Stay strong, move on”… they probably wanted Hillary to win but couldn’t say it. If they publicly stated that they voted for Hillary, they’d get a backlash by Trump supporters.

Liberals are such babies… they’ve always have been when they don’t get their way. Well they didn’t their way this time so they need to get over it.

Defeating Hillary is what America needed and we prevailed. I’ve had liberals delete/block/unfollow through various social networking sites but that’s okay. You all know how anti-liberal I am so I don’t give a shit. Fuck ’em all. It shows even more how intolerant they are.

Calling people racists, misogynists or bigots just because we disagree with you is wrong. That’s a part of why Hillary lost. A turn off for the voter. Plus Hillary will never be president ’cause she’s a liar and a murderer. I can’t support people who support criminals so if you support Hillary, you’re supporting a criminal. Hillary having all these crimes and scandals, liberals want to continue to support her ’cause they’re brain-dead and stupid. Unintelligent people who believes everything the media tells them.



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