Barack Obama and Donald Trump meet for the first time after feuding with each other for 8 years…

Well this is interesting. Trump meeting with Obama for the first time. I know a lot of people are probably like “Huh”? Trump agreed to this ’cause this is a presidential thing to do. Trump is trying his best to be professional. It be interesting to hear what that 1 and half conversation may have been about. Trump said they had difficulties during their conversation and I bet they had some pretty heated arguments, lol. Obama doesn’t seem too happy to be in the same room with Donald Trump.

Trump and Obama spent 8 years feuding through the media and they finally go face to face with each other. What was it that Trump and Obama talked about? I’m sure they discussed all the things that went on throughout the 8 years of Obama’s presidency. Obamacare, the Black Lives Matter stuff, the police being unfairly treated, war veterans health care, the economy and things like that. I’m sure they still don’t like each other ’cause you can tell in the video below. They’re both being presidential is what it is.

I’m actually kind of shocked that Obama is being nice to Trump this time. Wow. That’s probably because Obama knows he’s been defeated and he knows he can’t defeat Trump. You know how when a bully in high school picks on a kid and then the kid defends himself by punching the bully in the face — now the bully is friends with the kid all of a sudden? Well it’s the same with Trump and Obama. The Trump Victory is not only a defeat against Clinton, it’s also a defeat against Obama’s policies. Obama gave up and threw in the towel. Let Trump have the presidency.

It seems they’ve buried the hatchet which is actually pretty good.



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