Liberals who reply to my blog attacking me all the time is just another example of “tolerant” liberals…

Liberals are pretty “tolerant” when they reply to me slamming me for my views in politics whether it will be this blog, my twitter or facebook. Those lovely “tolerant” liberals. Notice the sarcasm when I say “tolerant”. Liberals aren’t tolerant at all and they’re absolutely getting worse.

“Intolerance” people who are not acceptance of your views. They’re unwilling to accept your opinion just because they disagree with it. They call you names like “racist”, “bigot” and “sexist” or every other name they could think of in the book just to try to win a debate. They’ll attack you and insult you most of the time. They can never put on civilized discussions. They would either attack the hell out of you or block/delete you from social networking.

If you want more examples of liberal intolerance, all those George Soros paid riots at the Trump rallies and after elections for example. The cast of “Hamilton” calling out Mike Pence when he just wanted to watch a play is another example of liberal intolerance. refusing to sell Ivanka’s shoe line is another one. What about all the censorship of pro-Trump and anti-Hillary people on facebook/twitter? What about the censoring of “Fake News”?

I’ve gotten harshly attacked by liberals like mad lately and I’m fine with that. Once again, they’re fine with “Freedom of Speech” until someone says something they disagree with.

It’s gotta stop. We all deserve to speak our minds and have our own opinions. Having opinions isn’t a one-way street but the media is trying to make it to be. Don’t let the media make you think that opinions is a one-way street. We supported Donald Trump ’cause we aren’t listening to the media’s bullshit. We make our own opinions and call on things like we see it.

Liberal intolerance is getting worse for sure. We’re all getting fed up with it. What will it take to get liberals to be more acceptance of others views? Hopefully Donald Trump will find a way when he gets in office and that’s one thing I’m hoping for. Unifying the country. We really need it.

I’m doing my best to ignore liberals in which I do most of the time. They’re not worth debating anymore. Talking to liberals is like talking to a brick wall to me. Those die-hard liberals really do suck. That’s why Donald Trump got my vote ’cause he really knew how to drive liberals crazy.



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