Politics really isn’t a black & white world but the media and social media are trying to make it out to be…

There’s really no such thing as “right-wing” or “left-wing” but the media and social media are trying to continue to make politics be like that. In other words, politics isn’t a black and white world but people are trying to make it out to be. I used to fall for this “right vs. left” thing admittedly but I don’t believe in it anymore. It’s all made up by the media and social networking like facebook/twitter.

When we support Donald Trump, we don’t really look at it as “right vs. left” at all. We supported Donald Trump throughout the election ’cause we’re fed up with this “right vs. left” crap. It doesn’t work. That’s why he got elected. Ever since he got elected for the next president, the media and social networking has been on full on attack mode toward so called conservatives. They think were die-hard conservatives and they think we’re bad people. They are continuing to make it seem like that “liberalism” is good for the country and “conservatism” is bad. None of us Trump supporters believe in this “right vs. left” crap. We all hated the GOP ’cause they treated Trump unfairly. We’re not so one-sided at all.

If you want proof of liberal bias in social networking, why did the “Being Liberal” page get verified and none of the other so called right-wing FB groups get verified:

Why  did the Muslim Brotherhood twitter get verified when so many “conservative” twitter accounts are getting banned like crazy?

I’m tired of liberals acting like we’re full of it when they try to debate politics with us. It seems to me that liberals only believe everything the mainstream media tells them and what social networking tells them. They ignore facts and information that they consider “right-wing” to them. Anything that is “right-wing” to them they think is bullshit. They accuse you of reading “fake news” sites like Infowars, Breitbart, The Drudge, etc.

You see guys, when we Americans discuss politics we talk the truth. We don’t really see our opinions and views as being “right-wing” like liberals accuse us of. Liberals only agree with things on their side but they always laugh at views that are different than theirs. It’s sickening really.

Liberals know they’re losing power. They know they’re dying a slow death. So the media and social networking are doing all they can to censor “conservatives” so they can save the liberal party. They know the liberal party is in danger. They know they’re losing. So now they’re trying to shove “liberalism” down our throats even harder than before.

There is no “conservative” movement like I mistakenly said before. There’s a new “American” movement. Get rid of this “right vs. left” thing. I’m tired of it and fed up with it.

I’m really hating social networking too ’cause there’s too many liberals everywhere still. This liberal bias is disgusting. It’s gotta end and hope it ends soon when Trump gets in office. We really need to unify as a country and I hope Trump will be successful at that. This “right vs. left” thing has gone too far.



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