President Trump confirms construction of Border Wall and US to take complete control of US border…

This is such great news! Trump is real serious on getting dangerous illegals out of the country. This guy isn’t messing around. A lot of people doubted him about building the wall at the US/Mexican border and it’s happening. He just confirmed it today. Coming from the mouth of Trump himself.

He is so right that the media ignored how dangerous illegal aliens are! The reason a lot of people still fail to see how dangerous illegals are is that the media is so protective of them. You should read Ann Coulter’s book, “Adio’s America” and she’ll describe perfectly how the media is protective of illegal aliens in that book. That book is a great read.

It’s finally time for illegal aliens to stop getting a free pass for doing bad things and they need to be punished with the fullest extent of the law. Bring back law and order. Illegal aliens really are very dangerous people. Lot of people lost their loved ones because of them. Enough is enough.

Once illegals are out of the country, crime rate will start to go down in America and that’s what we need. Illegals commit all kinds of crime in America: murder, robbery, drugs, rape, etc.

Illegal aliens doesn’t only come from Mexico… they also come from all over South America: I’m sure we get illegals from Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, etc. Illegals come from all over. Time to get rid of ’em so we won’t have to look over our shoulder anymore.


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