Most of Hollywood and the music industry are pretty liberal ’cause the media wanted them to be…

Why are most of Hollywood movie stars and most of the music industry very liberal people? Well simply because the media wanted them to be. That is pretty much part of why the mainstream media has liberal bias everywhere. The media wants celebrities and music stars to talk politics. It’s why they promote liberalism. The media are hoping to use celebrities and music stars to help spread the message about liberalism so Democrats can stay in power. Is that part of how Obama won  twice ’cause of the power of the media and sending the message through celebrities? Yes.

Yeah, I know it’s pretty sad and disappointing that most of Hollywood and the music industry are very liberal people; however, not all of Hollywood and the music industry are liberal. There are some famous people out there who are very conservative like Ted Nugent, Jon Voight, James Woods, Scott Baio, Clint Eastwood, Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal and lots more to list. Anyway, when celebrities publicly express their “conservatism”… the media will do all they can to destroy them and marginalize them. The media continues to treat liberal celebrities like “heroes” such as Madonna, Meryl Streep, Stephen King, George Clooney, Katy Perry, etc. but they treat conservative celebs like enemies.

When Madonna threatened to blow up the White House, liberals didn’t bat an eye but Ted Nugent gets into all kinds of trouble for calling Obama a subhuman mongrel. That’s how black and white the media sees politics.

Liberal celebrities speak out on their politics ’cause the media got them to. Celebrities are just as gullible and naive as well. A lot of them can be stupid and unintelligent.

There are a lot of celebs out there who are good at keeping politics away from their careers for example Taylor Swift. She’s doing a good job keeping her music career separate from politics which is how it should be. You never know what her political views are ’cause she keeps quiet about politics. The media probably wants her to speak out but she won’t which is smart. She is probably a die-hard liberal too (wouldn’t surprise me) but who knows maybe she’s conservative as well? You just never know. I think it’s great that she’s shutting up about politics ’cause she doesn’t want to alienate her own fan base. People would stop supporting her music if she spoke out.

Look, it’s fine that celebrities hate Donald Trump but when they speak out and ram their opinions down everyone’s throats, it’s a turn off. I think this year I’m planning on selling my Stephen King book collection. Gonna get rid of all of ’em ’cause I’m done with his shit. He won’t stop the Trump bashing on his twitter. I’m also gonna get rid of all albums on CD I own by these artists: Springsteen, Neil Young, U2, any project that Chris Cornell is involved in (Soundgarden, Audioslave, solo) and also boycotting Pearl Jam. Gonna get rid of all their CD’s and sell ’em. It’s no secret that Tom Morello is a liberal and Trump hater but I had no idea Cornell was. Audioslave played the Trump anti-inaugural so I just threw Cornell  on the boycott list.

I’m also thinking about throwing Metallica on the boycott list ’cause Kirk Hammett went on an anti-Trump rant on his twitter.

The media are still trying to use celebrities to help spread the message and gain more power but not anymore. It’s the USA vs. Hollywood. We’re done with Hollywood and the media. They’re all losing power this time. They want to bash Trump and his supporters? Well we fight back. That’s what it’s about. I’m fed up with Hollywood and the media like most. Hopefully Trump will do a good job uniting us all ’cause we really need it badly.



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