Sly Stallone and Jackie Chan to finally team up in a film together but it won’t be an Expendables movie…


Well this is pretty cool. Sly is finally teaming up with action star, Jackie Chan in an action thriller. While it’s disappointing that they won’t be starring in the next Expendables, it’s still cool they’re teaming up together. The movie they’re starring in together is gonna be something about a China-run oil refinery in Iraq and the oil-refinery is attacked. The characters that Stallone and Chan will play will try to stop the attackers from stealing oil.

Jackie Chan, Sylvester Stallone Team For Scott Waugh-Directed ‘Ex-Baghdad’

I’m sure there will be plenty of action in this movie. Lots of machine guns and fist-fighting, I’m sure. I’m sure Jackie Chan will do all of his usual karate stuff and his incredible stunts that he’s known for.

Glad that Stallone and Chan are finally teaming up, though. Long overdue!



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