Some Trump supporters turn against Trump ’cause they are tired of getting attacked by NeverTrumpers? I would say so…

So Trump wins the election and he’s been prez for a little over a hundred days or more. It is expected that some are gonna regret their vote and it is expected that some are gonna turn their back on him. Why? Have they become disappointed in his policies and ideas? They feel that he’s not doing a good job? They feel he’s not doing enough to make America great Again? No. Those aren’t the reasons they turn against him.

The reasons I believe that some turn against Trump is because I think they’re getting sick & tired of getting attacked by the Never Trump crowd. Trump supporters gets aggressively attacked by the NeverTrump crowd all the time. Even I get attacked by NeverTrump crowd on a daily basis. This is why some have decided to bail on Trump all of a sudden is ’cause they simply couldn’t take the heat of NeverTrumpers. They gave up and threw in the towel. They lost a lot of respect from people they love and know so they try to redeem themselves by being part of the NeverTrump crowd. Notice when ex-Trump supporters bail, they get more respect by NeverTrumpers? I’ve been noticing it. The so-called Trump supporters pretty much bail for attention pretty much.

For example on twitter, I’m seeing many of the most well-known Trump supporters bailing and now they are now bashing him like crazy but they still claim to be on the Trump Train… people like Ann Coulter, Mike Cernovich, Roger Stone, Paul Joseph Watson and now this popular youtuber, E.T. Williams aka The Doctor of Common Sense seems to have bailed on Trump too. All these people I’ve listed have endorsed Trump in the past and now they’re bashing him like crazy. Many other voters seems to have turn their back on Trump and bashing him all the time.

Simply put, they caved into the haters which is sad. This is something I’ll never do. I never regretted my Trump vote. I voted Trump during the primaries and voted Trump during the General Election. I’ll vote him again for 2020. I’m a proud and true Trump supporter 100%. I’ll never turn my back at all just to satisfy the NeverTrumpers. Never gonna happen with me.

It’s sad to see that Roger Stone seems to have turn his back on Trump and I think I just found out why ’cause he has his own documentary coming out on Netflix, I think??? Think how he turned into a FakeTrumper just to promote that.

I guess that’s the name of the game in politics ’cause you can’t trust anyone and can’t please everyone either. Not too worries though, the Trump Train is still good and he’s still extremely popular. I’m proud to be on the Trump Train. No regrets and no guilt. Here’s a big FUCK YOU if you don’t like it. Thank you.



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