I didn’t watch the Comey testimony but knew what was going on since twitter was giving play by play…

I didn’t watch the James Comey testimony ’cause I had better things to do but I did catch some of Comey’s opening statement. He sounded like a whiny little bitch throughout the whole thing. Upset that he lost his job was all I saw. I stopped watching after that. Even though I didn’t spend all day watching the testimony, I did saw what was going on ’cause conservatives on twitter were giving live play by play all day.

James Comey is corrupt to the core. That guy is a joke.

Things that was proven during the testimony:

  1. Trump was never under investigation over the Russia collusion thing
  2. Comey was the leaker all along (which doesn’t surprise me really)
  3. Loretta Lynch ordered Comey to call Hillary e-mail scandal as a “matter” instead of investigation
  4. Fake News MSM is not to be trusted.

Liberals and the Fake News MSM got destroyed today bad which was entertaining to see.

Can we finally move on from this dumb Russia & Trump collusion thing now or will the MSM try to come up with a fake scandal again? Liberals are mad again though. They can’t take it that Trump being under investigation was totally made up.

Like everyone else, I’m tired of the media’s obsession with Trump and Russia. They really need to move on from that crap.


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