This tweet by Lori Hendry is so right, media has been attacking us for many years…

I love this tweet by Lori Hendry who is a popular Trump supporter and conservative on twitter. She is so right. We were attacked for hating on Obama throughout the 8 years of his presidency. They called us “racist” each time we disagreed on something. Now the media is attacking Donald Trump’s personality. It’s looking like liberals actually have no problem with Trump’s policies but it’s his personality they’re hating on.

Hmmmm, I’m about to make an observation on something…

Liberals are calling Trump mentally ill, an egomaniac, arrogant, narcissistic and short-tempered. They’re also saying a bunch of shit about Trump not being able to take criticism. Well, it’s interesting how liberals never attacked Obama ’cause Obama was all those things. Obama was mentally ill, an egomaniac, arrogant, narcissistic and yes, he was short-tempered.

Obama was also one to never taking any criticism. How was it that Obama never took criticism? Well lets see… targeting conservatives through the IRS, spying on Americans through the NSA and spying on news journalists such as James Rosen and the Associated Press. When things never went Obama’s way, he cries like a baby and gets all defensive. A perfect example of that is when Obama cried when he didn’t get his gun control through the Senate. Also, forgot to mention that Obama used the media to kiss his ass 24/7. The media never gave Obama one thing to criticize him about when there are tons of things to criticise him about.

Not only that liberals are attacking Trump for his personality, they’re also attacking us for supporting him. They attacked us for hating on Obama and now they’re attacking us for supporting Trump.

The media doesn’t care about the will of the American people at all. All they do is kiss up to liberals ’cause it gives them ratings and money. No doubt that liberals get their political info from the media. If you hate Donald Trump but love Obama then you probably read garbage like the NYTimes, WashPost and you probably watch NBC/MSNBC/CNN. It seems that liberals always have the same opinions and viewpoints as the media. They would only listen to them and never the people like us.

Once again, all the things that liberals are calling Trump: mentally ill, egomaniac, narcissist, arrogant, etc. Obama was all that! That’s why you got Trump ’cause we were fed up with Obama. How was Obama egomaniacal and arrogant? Well I can go on all day about this but to keep it short, he thought he was the president of the world and not the US. He never cared about the American people and was more about himself.

Obama was the biggest fraud in American political history. Snaked his way into the White House by faking his birth certificate and sealing his records. There’s another example of an egomaniacal and narcissistic jackass.

Obama was the one who was the madman, not Trump. Liberals are totally brainwashed by the media and they still don’t realize that’s what the media does. It’s what they get ratings and money for.

We’re real tired of liberals attacking us all the time and it’s finally time to fight back! No more liberals trying to silence us.




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