“Eyes Wide Shut” actress explains what it’s like being conservative in Hollywood…

Is being a conservative in Hollywood an easy thing? It may seem like that Hollywood is very liberal but not all of it. There are some conservative celebrities out there such as: James Woods, Jon Voight, Scott Baio, Ted Nugent, Roseanne Barr and the list goes on. I’m sure there are many more conservative celebrities but they are not being public of their conservative views due to fear of hurting their careers.

This actress named Julienne Davis just wrote an interesting column over at FOX News writing about what happened to her when she came out as conservative. When she went public with her conservative views, she was attacked by her own friends in the real world and was attacked by liberals on social media.

Read this interesting piece she wrote herself:


Some of you may ask, who is Julienne Davis? Well allow me to refresh your memory a bit… she had a role in Stanley Kubrick’s final film, “Eyes Wide Shut” that starred Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Julienne was the character, Mandy… yep, she was the drugged up girl that the character Victor Ziegler banged in the beginning of the movie and then Victor had Tom’s character, Dr. Bill Harford to come up to his room to take care of her.

That was a great write-up Julienne did, though. I’m not famous and not a celebrity but it’s even hard for me to be conservative, admittedly. I’m a musician and singer. It isn’t easy being conservative as a local music artist. I’ve had many other local musicians and local promoters refusing to support me over “politics”. It’s just insane, ya know? I’ve been attacked by local musicians and local people for my political views, absolutely. I’ve also been attacked by my own family members and friends.

I’m very proud to be conservative and won’t change for anyone at all. You can get mad all you want to. Liberals are everything that is wrong with this country. They want to talk “hate” and “tolerance” well they should look in the fuckin’ mirror. It’s cool to disagree with people over political views; there is nothing wrong with that at all but to hate people for it?

I was never afraid to speak out about my conservative views. People tried to keep me quiet over the years but they failed. Don’t be intimidated to voice your views. This is America. Liberals just hate seeing people who love America and that’s why they hate conservatives. Don’t let them bother you. There are ways to stay strong and stay above them.



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