Is Trump’s 2nd visit to Houston as president good enough to prove that he isn’t racist yet???

Is this good enough to prove that Trump isn’t a racist? President Trump and Melania went to Houston, Texas to show how benevolent they can be to people. Yes, they really showed how benevolent they can be to ALL people including the black community. I’m sure some blacks in Houston had negative opinions on Trump before but when he showed up in Houston, black people in Houston seem to really enjoy spending time with our president. The proof are in the photos and the CNN videos above. Trump talking with them, taking selfies and shaking hands. The black people in Houston who met Trump are smiling and seem to be having a great time with him. Why? It’s simply because Trump is a great guy.

The media wants you to believe that Trump is a big asshole and they like to paint him as a racist. Trump hates women, Trump hates black people. Not what I see above at all. It’s why I try to tell you guys not to listen to the media ’cause all they do is lie about him all the time.

Of course, liberals are losing their shit over this ’cause they can’t take the truth that Trump is a good man and they can’t take he’s not a racist. They know he isn’t racist at all, liberals are just too stubborn to admit that he isn’t. Somes wants to act like that Trump is dangerous when he is actually a very benign man. Trump is a good guy. That’s why he won the election ’cause we’re getting tired of horrible people like Obama getting elected. We wanted a good person as president for a change and we finally got one after all these years.



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