Which mainstream news outlet deserves the “Fake News Trophy”???

When Trump put this tweet up this morning, I couldn’t help myself but laugh. I laughed pretty hard out loud. This tweet is too funny. Seriously. I can’t blame Trump for ranting about the media this morning ’cause they must be driving him up the wall. That’s what the media is hoping to do… they’re hoping to drive him insane.

It should be easy to see that the mainstream media is so fake. They’ve always has been for years. They’ve been fake news long before Trump became president. When Barack Obama was president all they did was protect him like he was king. The media made Obama look like he was a good president when he was not. The media lied about so many things about Obama as a way to look good. All the media did under Obama was praise him and never once reported anything negative about him.

I mean, what kind of media do we have when all they do is make left wing people look good and make right-wing people look bad??? That is not journalism, y’all. It’s all propaganda is what they’re promoting. Everybody wants to deny liberal bias in the media, but it’s so easy to see. I don’t see how that’s so hard? There are still people who wants to mistakenly believe that the media is a credible source of news. If you’re one of those people then you’re one of those who are pretty lazy at research and pretty lazy at getting yourselves informed. A lot of people rely on the news for the truth and many refuse to make sure what the media is saying is correct when most of the time they aren’t. There are still too many people who watch the news on TV and read the news on the internet… and they actually believe everything they say. It’s really frustrating, ya know? I remember the days when tabloid newspapers were pretty popular in the past… well now the mainstream news are the new tabloids. Quite sad!

Most Americans are pretty much fed up with the media… that’s why we all voted for Trump to begin with ’cause we’re all smart enough not to fall for their bullshit. If you still like Obama, if you still like Bernie Sanders and see nothing wrong with Hillary then chances are you probably watch NBC, CNN, read the Washington Post, etc. We knew Trump was the right guy for president after we all saw how the media treated the man.

So what media outlet deserves the “Fake News Trophy” award as Trump calls it? Well, all media outlets are pretty bad, but the worst ones are: CNN, NBC, NY Times and the WaPost. I despise CNN so much so I guess the “Fake News Trophy” award would go to CNN absolutely. CNN makes the National Enquirer look good.

It’s unbelievable that there are still people that follows the mainstream news and believes everything they say. When will the Fake News bullshit end? We need real journalism back like the old days. What Americans want to see is real journalism. That’s why FOX News is pretty hot right now ’cause sorry to say, y’all, they are more credible than any other source out there. That’s why people go to sites like Breitbart, Wikileaks and the Drudge Report ’cause they all report real stuff without any bias.

It’s disgusting how the media treats Obama and Hillary like angels and how they treat Trump like he’s a bad guy. Politics shouldn’t be this black and white at all but the media is trying to make it like that. Yep, liberalism is good for the country but conservatism is evil. That’s how the media looks at America and it’s disgusting. That’s not what America wants to see. We want fair and honest reporting on both sides.

For many years, I’ve tried warning you all about the media but all you liberal readers did was laugh at me and continued to believe what the mainstream news says. I love it when I try to debate politics with my liberal readers here and when they show me “facts”, they send me a link to the WaPo or CNN. The news sucks. Turn off your TV, stop reading the internet and stop reading the newspapers.

There’s a meme going around facebook that says, “Caution: The media is not a reflection of reality”. It’s true if you think about it.

So yeah, CNN definitely deserves the “Fake News Trophy” more than all the others. I could have sworn that CNN used to be a credible news network without the liberal bias but now look at them. It’s very sad.

Anybody that still watches the news and takes them seriously needs to get their heads examined.



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